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Yoga Group


We are intentional about community building, and about creating consent forward, trauma-informed spaces that promote a healthy, uplifting experience for all participants to the best of all our abilities.  By purchasing a ticket to any event or class, you agree to the following:

1.  You are a mature adult responsible for your own emotions, triggers and decisions. 

2.  If you become dysregulated you can ask for support or turn to tools and practices you already have to support yourself.

3. You agree to uphold a respectful, conscious approach toward all interactions.   

4.  You will not touch anyone in any way without their expressed verbal consent.  

5.  You will keep any touch within the boundaries of what is generally appropriate in public (i.e. hugs, handshakes, etc)

6.  For clothing optional events, you will bring a towel to place on any furniture with which you wish to make contact. 

7.  For clothing optional events you will keep your phone put away.  Photos without the consent of those being photographed are never appropriate, and it is fundamental nudist etiquette to keep phones away for the comfort of others.  Additionally, phones will be kept on silent and put away for all wellness practices to allow for the fullest participation without distraction.  

8.  You are participating in the event or class of your own free will and at your own risk and will not hold anyone else responsible for any injuries that may occur from your participation.  

9.  To prevent injury, you will give voice to questions that promote your greater safety when they arise.  

10.  You may exit the space at any time without question.  And we invite and encourage all participants to remain engaged with the class to the fullest degree they are able.  Your self care choices will always be honored. 

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